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Denton, Maryland is a beautiful area with lots of natural scenery for outdoor lovers. And many residents have passed down family wealth in the form of land and farming or fishing organizations. But inheriting and keeping up a farm is expensive, and it's easy to end up in debt.

George R. Roles Attorney & Counselor at Law is a bankruptcy attorney serving the Denton, MD area. We can explain how Chapter 12 bankruptcy can help you manage and resolve your debt so you can keep your property. If you decide to take advantage of this option, our attorney will help you get through the process smoothly so you can move forward with confidence.

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How Chapter 12 works

Bankruptcy is intimidating, but it can help you recover from crippling debt. Consider Chapter 12 bankruptcy because...

  • You can consolidate and reorganize your debt into smaller, manageable payments
  • You'll be able to create a 3-5-year payment plan to clear your debt at a reasonable pace
  • Unlike other bankruptcy options, Chapter 12 is streamlined and designed specifically for farming and fishing organizations

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