I found George Roles to be a very energetic and thorough individual making certain every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed. During the process of going through the bankruptcy proceedings George is by your side. I would highly recommend George as my attorney anytime.

George Roles Review


From the first time we met George we knew we were in good hands and dealing with someone who was competent and someone who cared. This made a difficult experience bearable. We have already recommended him to friends

Exceptional care!


George was Terrific!! He was always professional, knowledgeable, and supportive of our personal needs and goals. He fought for us not only with our obligations, but gave us the peace of mind to have something to live with afterwards. He knew the laws and history behind cases that assisted in our situation. Highly recommend George and the firm.

Thank you George!



George is a thoughtful, insightful, caring attorney. My husband and I filed for bankruptcy after catastrophic medical expenses due to multiple heart surgeries. He was professional, and treated us with kindness. A terrific individual and excellent lawyer. We highly recommend him.

George Roles is outstanding


Thank you so much George Roles for your continued support .Just the fact of your genuine concern has made life more bearable in times of uncertainty and recession. George you're the first attorney that I have ever met and I have met a lot in court going through a nasty divorce. I honestly can say I know a attorney who I trust with the utmost respect and true concern for his clients!

Thank you George Roles so much.

To George Roles, The only Lawyer I have ever known who was actually Honest 99.99%


I hired George to help my daughter with her stressful Chapter 7 filing. She was very embarrassed. George put her at ease and helped her to see the path forward from the challenge at hand. His empathy and patient answering of questions was terrific. He gave excellent advice, while not being judgmental. He reflects a very fine culture that we experienced from the Russack team.

Parent relieved by George's beside manner


I would highly recommend Mr. Roles to anyone in need of Chapter help and advise.

George truly worked night and day and had our family's best interest at heart and personally walked us through each step of the process along the way.

Mr. George Roles


Mr. Roles was kind, compassionate, competent, and always got back to me on the same day. He was exactly what my mother needed. When she started to cry he even gave us his own handkerchief! I could not have asked for a better Attorney and would highly recommend him.

Excellent Attorney


George has a great soul. He was there for my husband and I during hard times. My husband had a heart attack at the worst time because at the same time his business was going south along with the of the economy. He was very straight forward with us and gave us advise when we needed it. We needed a strong and knowledgeable person to send us in the right direction. I could email him and most times he would get back to me with in minutes. If he was in court he would says so and email me later. I would highly recommend George Rolls for your helping you turning your life around for the better.

George is a great lawyer


My decision to divorce was difficult enough but the added financial burden was overwhelming and I felt hopeless. I felt ashamed just saying the word "bankruptcy." I felt I had no other way out but was afraid I wouldn't qualify, and that made me even more fearful. I took a deep breath, did a Google search, and took a chance on Russack Law. I met with George and almost immediately knew that I'd made the right choice for me. My meeting with George was very different than I expected. He was professional but personable, expert but not condescending, and he put me at ease pretty quickly. He explained the processes clearly and took the time needed to make the right recommendation for me, which was chapter 7. He walked me through every step and was always patient when I got emotional, which was fairly often. He made a very devastating experience bearable and by taking the time to share just plain facts with me, showed me that I didn't need to feel the humiliation I was feeling. Every time I left the office I held my head a little bit higher and I never expected that. This is the first time in my life I've engaged the services of an attorney and I'm very grateful it was George Roles.

First experience with an attorney and it couldn't have been better


George Roles handled a Chapter 13 case for us that was then converted to a Chapter 7 case. It was clear he understood our situation and skillfully guided the case through the conversion process. He was responsive and helpful to our questions and guided us through a very difficult process in a professional and thoughtful manner. We were really struck by how capable an attorney he was when we went to our trustee meeting. Other attorney's seemed unprepared and unhelpful to their clients but George Roles knew our case intimately and how to proceed. He put us at ease and prepared us for the trustee meeting as well. George Roles clearly knows bankruptcy law and has the best interest of his clients at heart. We appreciate the excellent work that George Roles is doing for us.

George Roles is an excellent bankruptcy attorney


I searched for a lawyer that would help both my husband and I with our bankruptcy filing. I was overwhelmed by so many choices, and different prices . I had no idea what i was looking for, what we needed or did not need, since this was a whole new chapter in our life, that we were not very informed in. I was able to meet with Mr Roles, and he was able to answer my questions, go over what he could do, and what I would have to do in order to complete our paperwork. He explains and listens to any concerns or questions, and gave me a very accurate timeline of the way things will take place.

I was able to contact him with any questions, arrange times that were workable by me, and my husband, and offered a great timeline for payments to be made, which allowed us to get on the proper track we needed. He went to court with us, and really helped make this a great experience, and we never felt judged or made to feel like we failed in any way, and the staff is great as well. I would recommend him to anyone who needs the services, and is not sure who to contact.

It was a tough time in our lives, and after going thru this, i can not believe we did not try to do this sooner, Mr Roles really gave us a chance to start over and we are 100 percent satisfied.

He gets the job done


Mr. Roles's helped me and guided me thru the difficult task of having to file for bankruptcy. It was a very hard decision for me to make, but some recent events left me feeling like I had no other alternative at this time. It was something I had never dreamed of that I would need to do in my life time. He helped me not to feel bad or less of a person for having to do so. Having much less financial stress is helping me to be able to deal with other things in my family that are very stressful at this time. He gave me the information I needed and answered any and all questions that I had.



George and his staff was very professional and courteous he had me come in to the office and went over everything that I needed to know about filing for bankruptcy. As He preceded too put my case together they would check in often to see if I Was having any problems getting my paperwork together. He even told me don't hesitate to call him at home or on his cellphone if I had any questions. The final outcome I clear bankruptcy. Thank you George and your staff.

Having a good lawyer


Mr. Roles was absolutely professional, informative and completely honest about every question or concern I had with my case. He responded in a timely fashion and help to reassure both my self and my spouse when needed. I would recommend George Roles to anyone!

Great Attorney!


I was very thankful to have been led to George by a friend of mine. He listened to my story with empathy and compassion, explained my options and guided me through the entire process of bankruptcy, which I was very hesitant about. He explained things to me in terms that I could understand. He was willing to take my many calls and answer my many questions. His knowledge of the bankruptcy process and his demeanor helped to assure me that I was in good hands! It was exactly the guidance I needed.

Outstanding Attorney, Highly Recommended


George Roles was truly a blessing; a genuine professional in his field. I'm not at all knowledgeable of the court terms and procedures so I greatly appreciated George taking the time to explain either through example(s) or just communicating in a way that I could understand. He is quick to reply via email or phone. I believe he honestly cared about my future outcome and did everything in his power to make sure I was prepared. I know my case is closed but I also know I can call him and/or his staff anytime for any questions I may have. I would highly recommend George to anyone who has had trouble in the past trusting an attorney's advisement on their behalf.

Hiring an attorney is difficult; finding one you can trust is hard to find.


George was so compassionate in helping us understand and realize our reality of debt that we were in. We were embarrassed and did not want to admit failure. George was always thorough in his explanations as it is a difficult situation and cumbersome process. He made sure we understood what the filing would mean for us financially and emotionally and never treated us like failures. My husband and I feel that George truly cares about our future going forward. We will NEVER be in this situation again but for someone who is in a financial nightmare ( it was miserable and stressful for my husband and I ) Also everyone seemed nice and professional at the office and Lori was a comforting help as well. George is the one! THANK YOU SOO VERY MUCH GEORGE!

Knowledgable and compassionate


When my husband became ill and could no longer work, we were devastated. We were two people who had always paid our bills on time and having to file bankruptcy was something we never thought we would ever have to do. Mr. Roles completely walked us through the whole process while maintaining our sense of dignity. I would recommend this lawyer to all.

Bankruptcy question


I couldn't have asked for a better attorney to help me through one of the most difficult times of my life. He was kind, understanding and compassionate. He never lost patience with my many questions and concerns. His professionalism, experience, and knowledge, as well as his no-nonsense manner was a huge comfort throughout the entire process.

Thankful for a great attorney


George's confidence and knowledge of the legal process, made things easier for me. He and his staff made sure I was prepared every step of the way.

Thorough and helpful.


So glad I had George and Laurie, they not only helped me with the Financial part of my bankruptcy but were very compassionate and understanding about the emotional part, of my situation. I can not say enough good about them! Thank you!

Best lawyer


I found George Roles to be a very energetic and thorough individual making certain every "i" is dotted and every "t" is crossed. During the process of going through the bankruptcy proceedings George is by your side. I would highly recommend George as my attorney anytime.

George Roles Review


From the first time we met George we knew we were in good hands and dealing with someone who was competent and someone who cared. This made a difficult experience bearable. We have already recommended him to friends

Exceptional care!


It's my pleasure to write this review, Tate works very fast and efficiently to get results quickly and valuable. I wasted so much time worrying and avoiding the mail, I really wish I would have found and called them sooner. His team, especially Lori, won't let you fall behind since one of the most important aspects of any case, hearing, or deposition, is time. They work extremely smart and the process of what needs to be done with your situation. My case is still active and I have a lot of work to do myself, getting them the information needed to achieve the best results.
Therefore, I'm confident, that I will get the best possible outcome for my situation.
I recommend them to anyone who needs guidance and the sooner you call, the more options you'll have at getting your situation resolved. I buried my head in the sand and It only made everything worse. Anyways, I'm happy I called.
Thank you,

Jaime Zagazeta

There are not enough adjectives to describe Attorney Tate Russack and his phenomenal staff! During a tumultuous time Attorney Russack from our initial contact with him was reassuring, confident, positive and highly professional. My initial contact with Tate Russack was on a Saturday and surprising to me he answered the phone and spent about 30 minutes with me discussing our family's member dire situation. His genuine concern , understanding and support throughout our three month interaction was stress relieving. Mr Russack is an empathetic, caring and highly knowledgeable lawyer who's only concern was the welfare of his client. We were able to contact him by text, phone or email and he always responded immediately. He always remained positive and optimistic and in the end came through and everything promised was achieved beyond our expectation! I myself had over 50 years dealing with Attorney's in my career and Tate Russack is without question one of the very best we ever have had the pleasure of doing business with.

Jeff Krautman

I have just started the process of filing bankruptcy and was happy to find Tate. I had spoken to a few other bankruptcy law offices and never spoke directly to attorney and they all said I couldn't file bankruptcy. I thought I would never get out of my situation the stress was horrible and the calls would never stop. I was able to get Tate directly on the phone and I was so delighted that he was able to help me. My stress has been lifted and he put me at ease I met with him immediately. His staff especially Lori who I'm in constant contact with, is wonderful. Lori is always there to help and to answer any of my questions. Tate and Lori are always available to answer questions to walk you through the process. I'm so happy I found this law office I couldn't be happier. I highly recommend Tate and his staff. If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney to find financial freedom and are stressed out constantly look no further. I feel so much better now thanks to Tate and Lori.

Amanda Ruotolo

Tate Russack was extremely helpful and knowledgeable throughout the entire process. He answered all of my questions and provided me excellent advice resulting in me owing almost nothing on my debt. He advised me every step of the way and was very prompt with communication. Not only that, but he actually cared about me and my case as opposed to trying to just make money. I spoke with a few different bankruptcy attorneys before choosing Tate and am very happy with my decision. He ensured I was never stressed and it was a pleasure doing business with him. I would highly recommend you go with him as he is not only knowledgeable but very caring as well. Thank you TATE!!!

Cram Tutoring

Tate and Cami are true professionals. I trusted them to steer me through unfamiliar legal territory and they did not disappoint. They answered my calls at odd hours and re-prioritized their work when immediate action was required. They were patient with me and dogged when it came to pursuing my best interests. Tate and Cami are masters of their legal craft. I would not hesitate to reach out to them again.

Joe Ferner

My business was suffering, I was behind on my payments, and was overwhelmed both financially and mentally. After hearing my woes a local Boca resident referred me over to Tate Russack. After initial contact, Tate scheduled to meet me the next day. The whole process was very professional and as painless as possible. Filing for Chapter 11 with Tate's help put me on a plan that was very reasonable. My business life is still far from perfect, it's a work in progress, but it's getting better by the day!

Jillian Sigersmith

Met with Lori and spoke with Tate. If everything is handled in the professional way these first few meetings, I will be very pleased. Lori was extremely knowledgeable about gathering what I needed. Tate was very encouraging and was quick to answer my questions.

Suzanne Hennessey

Tate and his wife were instrumental in giving me my life back. What had held me down for so many years and basically put the breaks on any forward progress was lifted with their help. I feel like an 800lb gorilla has been removed from my chest. When i didn't feel like doing all that was needed he called me in to his office and pulled every little last
detail out of me to get the job done. I feel as if I have a new lease on life and I will be forever indebted to him but not the IRS. Thanks Tate

Sean O'Connor

I am so grateful that I used Tate for my bankruptcy. Tate and his wife Cami have been a pleasure to work with and have made a stressful process easy for me and for that I am grateful. I would strongly recommend using RLC LAYWERS AND CONSULTANTS they are truly amazing!

Michelle Hiotis

I have known Tate and Cami Russack for more than 10 years. They have provided outstanding legal and business advisory services across both basic/personal and complex corporate issues. I continue to use them for legal and business consulting needs; including business formation, corporate counsel, investment consultation, and contracts/financial transactions.

John Chiochetti