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George has a great soul. He was there for my husband and I during hard times. My husband had a heart attack at the worst time because at the same time his business was going south along with the of the economy. He was very straight forward with us and gave us advise when we needed it. We needed a strong and knowledgeable person to send us in the right direction. I could email him and most times he would get back to me with in minutes. If he was in court he would says so and email me later. I would highly recommend George Rolls for your helping you turning your life around for the better.


Mr. Roles's helped me and guided me thru the difficult task of having to file for bankruptcy. It was a very hard decision for me to make, but some recent events left me feeling like I had no other alternative at this time. It was something I had never dreamed of that I would need to do in my life time. He helped me not to feel bad or less of a person for having to do so. Having much less financial stress is helping me to be able to deal with other things in my family that are very stressful at this time. He gave me the information I needed and answered any and all questions that I had.


George and his staff was very professional and courteous he had me come in to the office and went over everything that I needed to know about filing for bankruptcy. As He preceded too put my case together they would check in often to see if I Was having any problems getting my paperwork together. He even told me don't hesitate to call him at home or on his cellphone if I had any questions. The final outcome I clear bankruptcy. Thank you George and your staff.


Mr. Roles was absolutely professional, informative and completely honest about every question or concern I had with my case. He responded in a timely fashion and help to reassure both my self and my spouse when needed. I would recommend George Roles to anyone!


I was very thankful to have been led to George by a friend of mine. He listened to my story with empathy and compassion, explained my options and guided me through the entire process of bankruptcy, which I was very hesitant about. He explained things to me in terms that I could understand. He was willing to take my many calls and answer my many questions. His knowledge of the bankruptcy process and his demeanor helped to assure me that I was in good hands! It was exactly the guidance I needed.