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George R. Roles - Attorney & Counselor at Law is proud to say that he has helped many hundreds of people when they were at the most difficult times of their lives. If you feel overwhelmed by your financial or legal problems, he is an advocate who will stand by you and guide you every step of the way.

Bankruptcy - Chapters 7, 11, and 13 Bankruptcy Law

Filing for bankruptcy can be devastating. You may be the kind of person who doesn't want to give up, wondering how you ever got into the situation you're in. Bankruptcy Attorney George Roles empathizes with you and will treat you with the utmost compassion and understanding. Receptive and responsive, you will never feel alone during the proceedings.

Employment law

When an employer isn't treating you fairly, you are probably afraid to say anything. But you have a right to what you earn. If you are having trouble collecting unpaid wages or lost overtime, Centreville Attorney George Roles will fight for what you deserve. And if you are a victim of wrongful termination, he will seek appropriate damages. When an employer interferes with your earnings, he keeps you from supporting yourself and your loved ones.

Business Formation - LLC, Corporation, Partnership

Business Attorney George Roles has experience at every stage of the process in forming and liquidating businesses. He can assist you with issues such as the legal requirements for your business and best practices, and even in choosing what kind of entity you should choose.

Unfair/Deceptive Collections

Centreville Attorney George Roles has also successfully helped clients who are the victim of unfair practices in collection and reporting. Protecting consumers like you is a vital part of the system.

Attorney George Roles really wants the best for you. If you are seeking help in the Centreville area, call George R. Roles - Attorney & Counselor at Law, where our slogan is "Personal Service. Quality advice."

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