Tate Russack - Senior Counsel

Tate Russack's practice includes bankruptcy, insolvency, corporate, and aviation. He practices in the courts of Florida, Maryland, and Washington DC. He specializes in helping individuals who are facing financial crisis to find solutions to these problems, ultimately enabling them to rebuild their lives, putting them on the right path to a fresh start in the future.

With over 20 years experience as an Attorney, Business Consultant and as a former US Army Officer and helicopter test pilot, Mr. Russack advises clients on all matters related to the formation, management, operations, financing and capitalization of businesses throughout the State of Maryland.

Tate provides clients with experienced counsel in Corporate Contracts, Business Acquisitions and Real Estate issues including: Leases, Development, Transactions for Business, and Sophisticated Financial Transactions. He also serves as legal counsel to assist businesses that require Workout Management, Debt Counseling, Liquidation and Bankruptcy Proceedings, Assignments for the benefit of Creditors and "soft landings."

Mr. Russack advises Individuals Business owners and Chapter 7 and 11 Trustees in simple and sophisticated Bankruptcies which include the Collection and Liquidation of Real Estate; Management, Analysis, Collection of both Personal Property and Financial Instruments as well as in the area of Real Estate Assets, to maximizing the value for his Clients.

Mr. Russack graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law, and has a BA from Charter Oak College of the University of Connecticut; he also attended the University of Aberdeen Scotland, University of Miami School of Law, and the University of Western Connecticut.

Consulting Services
Mr. Russack has served as Consultant to large Chapter 11 Bankruptcies and Receivership's in the State of Maryland, throughout the US, and managed off-shore entity resolutions. He provides Asset Liquidation, Financial Management, Workout Consultation and Case Management services for Bankruptcy, the Insurance Industry, as well as other financial markets.

Mr. Russack is also available to serve as a Corporate Director for off-shore captive corporate entities in the Cayman Islands, Bermuda, Barbados and the Bahamas.