Debt Settlement and Unfair/Deceptive Collections in Easton, MD

While lenders and debt collectors are permitted to contact you about money you owe, they are not allowed to threaten, harass or abuse you. If a debt collector is taking things too far and violating your rights, you do have some recourse. Not all businesses and collectors play by the rules and dealing with an organization or individual that simply ignores the law and your rights is stressful and even frightening. If you're being stalked or harassed, a Maryland debt lawyer can help.

What to about Debt Settlement and Unfair/Deceptive Collections

Collection agencies are required to adhere to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, which offers consumers protection against unscrupulous tactics. In addition to the Federal protection offered by the FDCPA, Maryland residents are also covered by the Maryland Consumer Debt Collection Act which prevents anyone collecting a debt from engaging in harmful practices. Collectors or original lenders who do not follow the FDCPA and the MCDCA could be subject to penalties under the law.

Someone collecting a debt is not allowed to:

  • Threaten you with physical harm or threaten to harm your family or pets
  • Curse or use obscene or profane language
  • Harass or stalk you by phone for the purposes of annoying or scaring you
  • Pretend that they represent a law enforcement or government agency
  • Pretend that they are attorneys or that they have sent you real legal documents when this is not true
  • Claim that they will show up to take your property or money or garnish your accounts or paychecks unless they have the legal right to do so.

In addition to things collectors can't do, they also must follow some rules; they have to validate or prove the debt is real if you ask and you can limit the ways they can contact you. In addition, collectors can't continue to contact you on your cell phone (you are protected by the Telephone Consumer Protection Act).

A Maryland Debt Attorney Can Help

Whether you are experiencing debt collector abuse, a collection agency has broken one or more laws or you simply need help getting out from under your debt, we can help. Contact our office to learn about your options during this stressful time. If you are being harassed, you may be entitled to compensation - and we can put an end to the abuse immediately. We're here to help you remain stress free when it comes to debts and to protect your legal rights as a consumer, too.