Cami Russack - Senior Counsel

Cami Russack's practice is in bankruptcy, corporate formation, structures, business management, and contract negotiation. She heads the firm's business counsel practice while actively practicing as an attorney and as General Counsel to both Business and Government Service Contractors alike, as well as to Individual Clients.

The services that she provides to clients include providing counsel for the following: agreement drafting and formation, corporate contracts, corporate governance issues, operation and law, and real estate issues such as leases and sales contracts.

She can provide assistance with Development Programs for domestic and international business transactions, and IP technology and development. She advises clients in the conduction of sophisticated financial transactions, as well as in bankruptcy and insolvency law. Her focus is on asset collection, liquidation, and the expert representation of Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 trustees.

Ms. Russack has 25 years of professional experience in the following: Business Operations & Management; Compliance Matrices; Contract Development; DFAR Contracts; Gov. FAR; Private and Commercial Real Estate; Program Development Agreements & Management; and RFP/RFC Drafting and Evaluation.

She has gleaned experience as Corporate Counsel and as the manager of large, $20 million to $100 million contracts in international business development, IP/software systems development, and IP protection real estate for developers, investors, and owners.

Ms. Russack has extensive experience providing advisement services to Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 Trustees in both simple and sophisticated bankruptcies. This includes the collection and the liquidation of real estate; analysis collection, management and liquidation of both financial instruments; and real estate assets.

She graduated from the University of Maryland School of Law and holds a BA from Cabrini College. Other schools she has attended include: the University of Aberdeen Scotland; University of Miami School of Law; Villanova University; and the Pennsylvania State University.
Consulting Services

When it comes to consulting services, Ms. Russack can serve as an experienced legal counsel or business management consultant for both state and federal contracting. She can provide expert assistance to your company ensuring that the company meets export regulations under ITAR regardless of whether or not you're a developer, distributor, manufacturer, or a service provider.

She'll make sure you and your company meets any and all US government requirements related to international development and deliveries in technology and technical professional services.

She has successfully provided cost-efficient services to clients, which includes: contract management; contract document drafting and planning; negotiation for sales, purchases, asset, and company acquisitions; leases; and development programs.

She'll assist you and your company with the development and fostering of more stable customer relations while providing you with cost-effective legal services, and business solution planning.

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